International Journal of Cancer: GD2‐directed CAR‐T cells in combination with HGF‐targeted neutralizing antibody (AMG102) prevent primary tumor growth and metastasis in Ewing sarcoma


Ewing sarcoma (EWS) is the second most common and aggressive type of metastatic bone tumor in adolescents and young adults. There is an unmet medical need to develop and test novel pharmacological targets and novel therapies to treat EWS. Here, we found that EWS expresses high levels of a p53 isoform, delta133p53. We further determined that the aberrant expression of delta133p53 induced HGF secretion resulting in tumor growth and metastasis. Thereafter, we evaluated targeting EWS tumors with HGF receptor neutralizing antibody (AMG102) in preclinical studies. Surprisingly, we found that targeting EWS tumors with HGF receptor neutralizing antibody (AMG102) in combination with GD2‐specific, CAR‐reengineered T‐cell therapy synergistically inhibited primary tumor growth and establishment of metastatic disease in preclinical models. Furthermore, our data suggested that AMG102 treatment alone might increase leukocyte infiltration including efficient CAR‐T access into tumor mass and thereby improves its antitumor activity. Together, our findings warrant the development of novel CAR‐T‐cell therapies that incorporate HGF receptor neutralizing antibody to improve therapeutic potency, not only in EWS but also in tumors with aberrant activation of the HGF/c‐MET pathway.

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