Greehey CCRI Seminar Series, Spring ’23: Walter Chazin, PhD – Vanderbilt Univ.

Event Date & Time

May 5, 2023 at 12:00N -1:00P


Greehey CCRI Auditorium (2.160)

Event Details:
Presentation title: XPA: On The Road From Structure To Precision Medicine

Greehey CCRI Host: David S. Libich, PhD

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About the Speaker(s)

Walter Chazin
Chemistry professor Dr. Walter Chazin

I have a broad range of interests, using the concepts and approaches of chemistry to address key questions in medicine and biology.  Three key factors govern our research: (1) a deep commitment to pursuing critical questions in medicine and biology; (2) fascination with the mechanics of multi-protein machinery; (3) firm belief in the power of collaboration and multi-disciplinary team science.

My group's largest research program involves studying DNA priming at the replication fork (the primosome), with one phase focused on describing the dynamic architecture as priming proceeds.  The second phase is a collaboration with Jackie Barton at Cal Tech to define the role of 4Fe-4S cluster redox driving charge transport through DNA as a means to regulate primer length counting and handoff.   I am fascinated by efforts to demonstrate that the Fe-S cluster redox mechanism regulates priming, as this would be a fundamentally new mechanism of great significance to genome maintenance and propagation.

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