Greehey CCRI Seminar Series, Spring ’24: Eric Greene, PhD (Columbia University)

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March 22, 2024 at 12:00P - 1:00P


Greehey CCRI Auditorium (2.160)

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About the Speaker(s)

Our research program focuses on studying the regulation and activity of proteins involved in repairing damaged chromosomes. We are particularly interested in determining the physical basis for the mechanisms that proteins use to survey DNA molecules for damage and initiate repair processes and how these initial steps are coordinated with downstream events that lead to the completion of repair. As part of our work, we are also actively pursuing the development of novel experimental tools that can be used to facilitate the study of single biochemical reactions. In particular, we are applying techniques derived from nanotechnology to our biological research and using nano- and micro-scale engineering to facilitate the development of new, robust experimental platforms that enable "high throughput" single molecule imaging.

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