Online Seminar Series: Charles Roberts, MD, PhD (St. Jude)

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May 29, 2020 at 11:00 am CDT


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Join Greehey CCRI online as we welcome Charles Roberts, MD, PhD., Member, St. Jude Faculty,
Executive Vice President, Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Director, Molecular Oncology Division

Headshot, Charles RobersDr. Robert's presentation “SWI/SNF (BAF) chromatin remodeling complex mutations in cancer: mechanisms and vulnerabilities” will be conducted virtually, Zoom meeting info to follow.

Zoom Meeting ID: TBA
Password: TBA

Greehey CCRI Host: Yogesh Gupta, Ph.D.

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About the Speaker(s)

The Roberts laboratory studies the SWI/SNF (BAF) chromatin remodeling/tumor suppressor complex. We first began studying the complex over a decade ago when it was shown that the SNF5/SMARCB1/INI1/BAF47 subunit was specifically mutated in nearly all cases of malignant rhabdoid tumor, a highly aggressive and lethal cancer of early childhood.

Roberts Lab