Online Seminar Series: Christine Anne Pratilas, M.D., (Johns Hopkins)

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October 2, 2020 at 11:00 am CDT


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Join Greehey CCRI online as we welcome Christine Anne Pratilas, M.D. Associate Professor of Oncology, Johns Hopkins University.

Christine Anne Pratilas, M.D.

Dr. Pratilas' presentation will be conducted virtually,  Zoom meeting info to follow.

Greehey CCRI Host: Peter J. Houghton, Ph.D.

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Zoom Meeting ID: TBA
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Greehey CCRI Host: Peter J. Houghton, Ph.D.

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Our lab focuses on the application of small molecule therapeutics to solid tumors harboring oncogenic activation of RAS and RAS effector pathways. We emphasize interrogation of biochemical and adaptive signaling responses to small-molecule inhibition of the ERK signaling pathway, to identify factors that predict and condition response to targeted therapeutics.

Pratilas Lab