Alexander J.R. Bishop: Honors and Awards

2010 – Cellular and Structural Biology Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Education: – Award for teaching contributions to the Department.

2010 – Voelcker Fund Young Investigator Award

2009 – NCI Travel Award: Award to attend and present at the 3rd US-EU workshop Systems Biology of the DNA Damage Response

2004 – K22 Transitions to Independent Positions: Fellowship from NIEHS (NIH).

2002 – Keystone Scholarship: Scholarship to Replication and Recombination Conference

2001 – Keystone Scholarship:Scholarship to Molecular Basis of Cancer Conference

1999 – ASM Travel Grant: Award to attend ASM DNA repair meeting

1999 – Keystone Scholarship: Scholarship to attend Molecular Basis of Cancer Conference

1997 – F32 Postdoctoral Fellowship: Fellowship from NIGMS (NIH)

1997 – ACS Postdoctoral Fellowship (not accepted due to F32 Fellowship award)

1993 – MRC (UK) Graduate Student Fellowship: Fellowship for PhD studies