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Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies: Bloom syndrome in a Mexican-American family with rhabdomyosarcoma: evidence of a Mexican founder mutation (Bishop, Chen, Tomlinson)

April 9, 2021

Erin H. Sybouts1,2,11, Adam D. Brown1,2,8,11, Maria G. Falcon-Cantrill3,9,11, Martha H. Thomas1,10, Thomas DeNapoli4,5, Julie Voeller5,6, Yidong Chen1,7, Gail E. Tomlinson1,3 and Alexander J.R. Bishop1,2 Abstract Bloom syndrome is a rare autosomal rece …

Cancer Letters: COX-2 promotes mammary adipose tissue inflammation, local estrogen biosynthesis, and carcinogenesis in high-sugar/fat diet treated mice (Bishop)

April 1, 2021

Rosângela MayerGonçalvesa, Marina Delgoboa, Jonathan Paulo Agnesa, Raquel Nascimento das Nevesa, MarceloFalchettia, Tuany Casagrandea, Ana Paula Vargas Garciab, Thaynan Cunha Vieirab, Nauana Somensic, Maciel Alencar Bruxeld, Daniel Augusto Gasparin Bue …

Cancer Research: Deciphering the role of intestinal crypt cell populations in resistance to chemotherapy (Penalva Lab)

March 30, 2021

Carla Frau, Catherine Jamard, Gaspard Delpouve, Gabriela D. A. Guardia, Christelle Machon, Camilla Pilati, Clementine Le Neve, Pierre Laurent-Puig, Jérôme Guitton, Pedro A. F. Galante, Luiz O. Penalva, Jean-Noel Freund, Christelle de la Fouchardière an …

Development: The murine intestinal stem cells are highly sensitive to the modulation of the T3/TRα1-dependent pathway (Penalva Lab)

March 30, 2021

Matthias Godart, Carla Frau, Diana Farhat, Maria Virginia Giolito, Catherine Jamard, Clementine Le Nevé, Jean-Noel Freund, Luiz O. Penalva, Maria Sirakov, Michelina Plateroti Abstract The thyroid hormone T3 and its nuclear receptor TRα1 control gut dev …

MDPI: Musashi1 Contribution to Glioblastoma Development via Regulation of a Network of DNA Replication, Cell Cycle and Division Genes (Penalva Lab)

March 30, 2021

Mirella Baroni 1,†,  OrcID,Caihong Yi 1,2,†,  Saket Choudhary 3,†,  Xiufen Lei 1,  Adam Kosti 1,4,   Denise Grieshober 1,  Mitzli Velasco 1,  Mei Qiao 1,  Suzanne S. Burns 1,‡,  Patricia R. Araujo 1,  Talia DeLambre 1,  Mi Young Son 5,  Michelina Plate …

Cell Cycle: Regulation of DNA duplication by the mTOR signaling pathway (Houghton)

March 11, 2021

ABSTRACT Accurate and complete DNA replication and separation are essential for genetic information inheritance and organism maintenance. Errors in DNA duplication are the main source of genetic instability. Understanding DNA duplication regulation is …

FASEB Journal: Identification of a novel mechanism for meso‐tetra (4‐carboxyphenyl) porphyrin (TCPP) uptake in cancer cells

February 25, 2021

            David J. Elzi,   William E. Bauta,  Jamila R. Sanchez,  Trisha Das, Shweta Mogare, Peter Zannes Fatland,  Moises Iza, Alexander Pertsemlidis,  Vivienne I. Rebel  Abstract Porphyrins are used for cancer diagnost …

Cancer Research: A Very Long-Acting PARP Inhibitor Suppresses Cancer Cell Growth in DNA Repair-Deficient Tumor Models (Houghton, Kurmasheva)

February 19, 2021

Shaun D. Fontaine, Gary W. Ashley, Peter J. Houghton, Raushan T. Kurmasheva, Morgan Diolaiti, Alan Ashworth, Cody J. Peer, Ryan Nguyen, William D. Figg Sr., Denis R. Beckford-Vera, and Daniel V. Santi Abstract PARP inhibitors are approved for the treat …

Cancer Letters: Androgen deprivation-induced elevated nuclear SIRT1 promotes prostate tumor cell survival by reactivation of AR signaling

February 19, 2021

Author links open overlay panels high-BoHuanga, D.Thapaa, A.R.Munoza, S.S.Hussaina, X.Yanga, R.G.Bedollaa, P.Osmulskib, M.E.Gaczynskab, Z.Laibg, Yu-ChiaoChiug, Li-JuWanggY.Chendfg, P.Rivasa, C.Shuddea, R.L.Reddickc, H.Miyamotoh, R.Ghoshabf, A.P.Kumarab …

Clinical Cancer Research: The B7-H3-targeting antibody-drug conjugate m276-SL-PBD is potently effective against pediatric cancer preclinical solid tumor models

February 15, 2021

Nathan M. Kendsersky, Jarrett M Lindsay, Edward A. Kolb, Malcolm A. Smith, Beverly A. Teicher, Stephen Erickson, Eric J Earley, Yaël P. Mossé, Daniel Martinez, Jennifer Pogoriler, Kateryna Krytska, Khushbu Patel, David Groff, Matthew Tsang, Samson Ghil …

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