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Scientific Reports: A CIC-related-epigenetic factors-based model associated with prediction, the tumor microenvironment and drug sensitivity in osteosarcoma (Kitagawa Lab)

January 16, 2024

Bin Yu, Chengkui Geng, Zhongxiong Wu, Zhongzi Zhang, Aili Zhang, Ze Yang, Jiazheng Huang, Ying Xiong, Huiqin Yang & Zhuoyuan Chen Abstract Osteosarcoma is generally considered a cold tumor and is characterized by epigenetic alterations. Although tu …

Katsumi Kitagawa, Pharm.D., PhD, to Receive NIH Grant to study “The Role of EWSR1 at the Centromere.”

June 16, 2023

Abstract Text The centromere is a unique chromosomal region that is essential for high-fidelity chromosome transmission during cell division. In mitosis, microtubules attached to the kinetochore help ensure the faithful segregation of sister chromatids …

Cell Reports: EWSR1 Maintains Centromere Identity (Kitagawa & Houghton labs)

May 30, 2023

Risa Kitagawa 1, Yohei Niikura 1 2, Argentina Becker 1 3, Peter J. Houghton 1, Katsumi Kitagawa 1 4 Highlights EWSR1 is required to maintain CENP-A at the centromere in interphase cells EWSR1 binds to CENP-A through the SYGQ2 region, important for phas …

Cellular Oncology: Single-cell RNA profiling identifies diverse cellular responses to EWSR1/FLI1 down regulation in Ewing sarcoma cells (Houghton, Chen, Kitagawa, Ignatius)

January 12, 2022

Roxane Khoogar, Fuyang Li, Yidong Chen, Myron Ignatius, Elizabeth R. Lawlor, Katsumi Kitagawa, Tim H.-M. Huang, Doris A. Phelps & Peter J. Houghton Background The EWSR1/FLI1 gene fusion is the most common rearrangement leading to cell transformatio …

Please welcome the Greehey CCRI summer 2021 interns

June 7, 2021

*not all summer program students pictured                     Greehey CCRI would like to welcome the 2021 Donald G McEwen, Memorial Summer Undergraduate Research Program students. Gaby Ruban – Dr. Chen …

Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences: The Role of Human Centromeric RNA in Chromosome StabilityThe Role of Human Centromeric RNA in Chromosome Stability (Kitagawa Lab)

April 20, 2021

Introduction Accurate chromosome segregation is fundamental for cell division. Errors in this process can lead to chromosome instability, leading to aneuploidy, which is correlated with cancer (Zhu et al., 2011; Santaguida and Amon, 2015). The centrome …

Jove: Mass Spectrometry Analysis to Identify Ubiquitylation of EYFP-tagged CENP-A (EYFP-CENP-A)

June 10, 2020

Yohei Niikura*1, Lei Fang*2, Risa Kitagawa*3, Peizhao Li1, Yao Xi1, Ju You1, Yan Guo2, Katsumi Kitagawa3 Summary CENP-A ubiquitylation is an important requirement for CENP-A deposition at the centromere, inherited through dimerization between cell divi …

Katsumi Kitagawa, Pharm.D., PhD Awarded $1M NSF Grant

March 16, 2020

Overview: Centromeres are essential for chromosome segregation during mitosis. The kinetochore is the protein complex associated with the centromere. Dysfunction in centromeres causes chromosome instability and can result in aneuploidy. The overall goa …

Developmental Cell: CENP-A Ubiquitylation Is Indispensable to Cell Viability

September 23, 2019

Summary CENP-A is a centromere-specific histone H3 variant that epigenetically determines centromere identity, but how CENP-A is deposited at the centromere remains obscure. We previously reported that CENP-A K124 ubiquitylation, mediated by the CUL4A- …

MDPI: CENP-A Ubiquitylation Contributes to Maintaining the Chromosomal Location of the Centromere

January 15, 2019

Yohei Niikura 1,2,* Risa Kitagawa 1 and Katsumi Kitagawa 1,* Abstract The centromere plays an essential role in accurate chromosome segregation, and the chromosomal location of the centromere is determined by the presence of a histone H3 variant, centr …

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