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BMC Bioinformatics – Correlation AnalyzeR: Functional Predictions from Gene Co-Expression Correlations (Bishop Lab)

April 21, 2021

Henry E. Miller, Alexander J. R. Bishop Abstract Background Co-expression correlations provide the ability to predict gene functionality within specific biological contexts, such as different tissue and disease conditions. However, current gene co-expr …

Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies: Bloom syndrome in a Mexican-American family with rhabdomyosarcoma: evidence of a Mexican founder mutation (Bishop, Chen, Tomlinson)

April 9, 2021

Erin H. Sybouts1,2,11, Adam D. Brown1,2,8,11, Maria G. Falcon-Cantrill3,9,11, Martha H. Thomas1,10, Thomas DeNapoli4,5, Julie Voeller5,6, Yidong Chen1,7, Gail E. Tomlinson1,3 and Alexander J.R. Bishop1,2 Abstract Bloom syndrome is a rare autosomal rece …

APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED: Greehey CCRI Donald G McEwen, Memorial Summer 2021 Undergraduate Research Program

April 6, 2021

Applications are now being accepted for the Greehey CCRI Undergraduate Summer Internship Program.   The purpose of the Greehey CCRI Undergraduate Summer Internship Program is to allow talented undergraduate students interested in a career in academic r …

Cancer Letters: COX-2 promotes mammary adipose tissue inflammation, local estrogen biosynthesis, and carcinogenesis in high-sugar/fat diet treated mice (Bishop)

April 1, 2021

Rosângela MayerGonçalvesa, Marina Delgoboa, Jonathan Paulo Agnesa, Raquel Nascimento das Nevesa, MarceloFalchettia, Tuany Casagrandea, Ana Paula Vargas Garciab, Thaynan Cunha Vieirab, Nauana Somensic, Maciel Alencar Bruxeld, Daniel Augusto Gasparin Bue …

Cancer Letters: COX-2 promotes mammary adipose tissue inflammation, local estrogen biosynthesis, and carcinogenesis in high-sugar/fat diet treated mice

January 9, 2021

Author links open overlay panelRosângela MayerGonçalvesa,  MarinaDelgoboa, Jonathan PauloAgnesa, Raquel Nascimentodas Nevesa, MarceloFalchettia, TuanyCasagrandea, Ana Paula VargasGarciab, Thaynan CunhaVieirab, NauanaSomensic, Maciel AlencarBruxeld, Dan …

Stand Up to Cancer: Alexander J. R. Bishop, DPhil to Lead One of Three Trans-Atlantic Teams to Study Hard-to-Treat Childhood Cancers

October 20, 2020

Published On: October 19, 2020 Shared by Rosanne Fohn SAN ANTONIO (Oct. 19, 2020) — Although COVID-19 has become the top health and research priority around the world, a child is still diagnosed with cancer every two minutes globally. To meet this urge …

Henry Miller (Bishop Lab) Receives Greehey Graduate Fellowship in Children’s Health

August 26, 2020

Henry Miller has just received the Greehey Graduate Fellowship Award in Children’s Health. Miller is a student in the Biology of Aging discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences program in the lab of Dr. Alex Bishop. The Greehey Graduate Fellowsh …

Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering: Scaffold Architecture and Matrix Strain Modulate Mesenchymal Cell and Microvascular Growth and Development in a Time Dependent Manner

August 18, 2020

2020 CMBE Young Innovators issue Gennifer Chiou, Elysa Jui, Allison C. Rhea, Aparna Gorthi, Solaleh Miar, Francisca M. Acosta, Cynthia Perez, Yasir Suhail, Kshitiz, Yidong Chen, Joo L. Ong, Rena Bizios, Christopher Rathbone & Teja Guda Abstract Bac …

Genome Biology: The RNA-binding protein SERBP1 functions as a novel oncogenic factor in glioblastoma by bridging cancer metabolism and epigenetic regulation (Bishop Lab)

August 6, 2020

Adam Kosti 1 2, Patricia Rosa de Araujo 1 2, Wei-Qing Li 1 3, Gabriela D A Guardia 4, Jennifer Chiou 5, Caihong Yi 1, Debashish Ray 6, Fabiana Meliso 4, Yi-Ming Li 3, Talia Delambre 1, Mei Qiao 1, Suzanne S Burns 1, Franziska K Lorbeer 1, Fanny Georgi  …

eCancer: Finding hints at novel target for Ewing sarcoma therapy

July 17, 2020

New insights into Ewing sarcoma, an aggressive childhood cancer, were published in the journal Nature. Researchers from the Long School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio contributed to the study. Ewing sarcoma …

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