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SCITECH EUROPA: Preclinical Drug Development for Childhood Cancers

December 2, 2019

Pediatric Blood & Cancer: Phase 1/2 trial of talazoparib in combination with temozolomide in children and adolescents with refractory/recurrent solid tumors including Ewing sarcoma: A Children’s Oncology Group Phase 1 Consortium study (ADVL1411)

November 14, 2019

Abstract Purpose We conducted a phase 1/2 trial of the poly(ADP‐ribose) polymerase 1/2 inhibitor talazoparib in combination with low‐dose temozolomide (TMZ) to determine the dose‐limiting toxicities (DLTs), recommended phase 2 dose (RP2D), and pharmaco …

Nicole Hensch of the Ignatius Lab Receives The Greehey Graduate Fellowship in Children’s Health

November 13, 2019

Aging Cell: mTOR drives cerebrovascular, synaptic, and cognitive dysfunction in normative aging

November 6, 2019

Candice E. Van Skike, Ai‐Ling Lin, Raquel Roberts Burbank, Jonathan J. Halloran, Stephen F. Hernandez, James Cuvillier, Vanessa Y. Soto, Stacy A. Hussong, Jordan B. Jahrling, Martin A. Javors, Matthew J. Hart, Kathleen E. Fischer, Steven N. Austad, Ver …

Cell Reports: Genomic Profiling of Childhood Tumor Patient-Derived Xenograft Models to Enable Rational Clinical Trial Design

November 5, 2019

Author links open overlay panelJo LynneRokita123  Komal S.Rathi23  Maria F.Cardenas4  Kristen A.Upton1  JoyJayaseelan4  Katherine L.Cross5  JacobPfeil6  Laura E.Egolf17  Gregory P.Way8  AlvinFarrel2  Nathan M.Kendsersky19  KhushbuPatel2  Krutika S.Gaon …

Neuro-Oncology Advances: PELP1 promotes glioblastoma progression by enhancing Wnt/β-catenin signaling

November 5, 2019

Gangadhara R Sareddy 1 2, Uday P Pratap 1, Suryavathi Viswanadhapalli 1, Prabhakar Pitta Venkata 1, Binoj C Nair 1, Samaya Rajeshwari Krishnan 1, Siyuan Zheng 3 2, Andrea R Gilbert 4, Andrew J Brenner 5 2, Darrell W Brann 6, Ratna K Vadlamudi 1 2 Abstr …

Journal of Immunology: Immune Sensing of Aeroallergen-Associated Double-Stranded RNA Triggers an IFN Response and Modulates Type 2 Lung Inflammation

November 1, 2019

Li She, Hamad H. Alanazi, Liping Yan, Yi Zou, Yilun Sun, Peter H. Dube, Edward G. Brooks, Gema D. Barrera, Zhao Lai, Yidong Chen, Yong Liu, Xin Zhang and Xiao-Dong Li Abstract The innate immune sensing of allergens or allergen-associated components reg …

MISSION MAGAZINE: Tiny molecule has big effect in childhood brain cancer (Rao Lab)

October 22, 2019

Sometimes small things make the biggest difference. A new study has found that a molecule thousands of times smaller than a gene is able to kill medulloblastoma, the most common childhood brain cancer. This tiny molecule, named MiR-584-5p, is quite eff …

SCITECH EUROPA: RNA-based Therapeutics for Childhood Cancers

October 21, 2019

International Journal of Cancer: GD2‐directed CAR‐T cells in combination with HGF‐targeted neutralizing antibody (AMG102) prevent primary tumor growth and metastasis in Ewing sarcoma

October 17, 2019

Manish Charan,  Piyush Dravid, Maren Cam, Anthony Audino, Amy C. Gross, Michael A. Arnold, Ryan D. Roberts, Timothy P. Cripe, Alexander Pertsemlidis, Peter J. Houghton, Hakan Cam Abstract Ewing sarcoma (EWS) is the second most common and aggressive typ …

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