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More people are surviving a cancer diagnosis

Dr. Libich

Greg Aune nominated new member of NCI Council of Research Advocates

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) nominated a new member to its NCI Council of Research Advocates, Greg Aune, a pediatric hematologist-oncologist from UT Health San Antonio.

Dr. Yidong Chen awarded a $3.7M CPRIT Core facility award

In May 2016, Dr. Yidong Chen was awarded a $3.7M CPRIT Core facility award (RP160732) to upgrade and expand NGS capacity and further accelerate the adoption of high-throughput technology in translational cancer genetics and epigenetics research at UT H …

Dr. Zhao Lai $600,000 NIH Shared Instrument grant

In March 2016, Dr. Zhao Lai was awarded $600,000 NIH Shared Instrument grant (S10 grant 1S10OD021805-01) to purchase Illumina HiSeq 3000 to upgrade the sequencing platform in GSF. Illumina HiSeq 3000/4000(3000 carries one flow cell vs HiSeq 4000 with t …

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Breakthrough in Medical F19 Syrup (Sample)

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