10X Genomics Day at UT Health San Antonio

Event Date & Time

June 30, 2022


Greehey CCRI

Event Details:
Please join us to learn how single cell, spatial, and in situ technologies from 10x Genomics can help you push the boundaries of your research. Uncover molecular insights, dissect cell-type differences, investigate the adaptive immune system, detect novel subtypes and biomarkers, and map the epigenetic landscape cell by cell. Enabling deeper insight into cancer, immunology, neuroscience, and developmental biology, 10x Genomics gives researchers the ability to see biology in new ways.

We'll start with a technology overview of our single-cell and spatial genomics solutions, followed by a practical presentation on preparing and analyzing your samples. The day will conclude with time to meet one on one with a 10x-Pert to discuss your project ideas.


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