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Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Initiative

The Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Initiative (CBBI) provides computational infrastructure, bioinformatics expertise, and interdisciplinary research to manage, distribute complex data sets, develop and perform bioinformatics tasks and statistical analyses in the area of genomics and systems biology.

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Genome Sequencing Facility (GSF)

The Genome Sequencing Facility (GSF) at Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute in the UT Health San Antonio utilizes state-of-the-art genomic platforms to generate high-quality genomic data and provides support with its analysis.

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RNAi High Throughput Screening Facility

The Greehey CCRI RNAi High Throughput Screening Facility’s goal is to collaborate with UT Health as well as with external investigators to conduct genome-wide RNAi screening projects, including assay development, screening, and gene validation, to understand functional biology of cancer and accelerate target discovery.

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Patient-Derived Xenografts Core (PDX)

We have established a coordinated effort between UT Health at San Antonio and UTSW to develop and characterize new PDX models from children, focusing on Hispanic and underserved groups in Texas.