Greehey CCRI Seminar Series, Spring ’24 Karen Miga, PhD (UC- Santa Cruz)

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March 8, 2024 at 12:00P


Greehey CCRI Auditorium (2.160)

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About the Speaker(s)

Assistant Professor in the Biomolecular Engineering Department at UCSC and Associate Director at the UCSC Genomics Institute. I am the co-lead of the telomere-to-telomere (T2T) consortium and the project director of the human pangenome reference consortium (HPRC) production center at UCSC. My research program combines innovative computational and experimental approaches to produce high-resolution sequence maps of human centromeric and pericentromeric DNAs. The Miga lab aims to uncover a new source of genetic and epigenetic variation in the human population, which helps investigate novel associations between genotype and phenotype of inherited traits and disease.

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