Genome Sequencing Facility (GSF)

Resource Summary:

The GSF provides Illumina next-generation sequencing (NovaSeq, NextSeq, and MiSeq platforms), and 10X Genomics single-cell analysis, for researchers both inside and outside institutes, universities, and other academic institutions and companies. GSF offers two types of partnerships: research collaboration and fee-for-service. We strongly promote active collaboration on concrete and sustainable research activities that mutually benefit GSF’s long-term success and our NGS users.

The Genome Sequencing Facility (GSF) was created in 2011 by Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute (Greehey CCRI) in UT Health San Antonio, upon the approval from the Medical School Dean’s office, with the acquisition of an Illumina HiSeq 2000 system. The GSF was originally a service facility supported entirely by the Greehey CCRI, with a focused mission for the genomics of pediatric cancer research. Since then, It has rapidly become a heavily utilized and well-functioning unit, used by many members of Greehey CCRI, the UT Health Mays Cancer Center, (an NCI-designated Cancer Center, the only one in South Texas), UT Health San Antonio, and some other researchers in surrounding San Antonio institutions, including the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, Brooke Army Medical Center and U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research. In addition, enabled by providing superior sequencing performance and fast project turn-around time, GSF has established a track record with wide user bases from outside researchers.