GSF Pricing

The fee schedule was formulated on the basis of the operating expenses of the laboratory in addition to a comparison with other academic NGS facilities. A project charge is agreed upon for some multi-faceted complex investigations to cover a specific time period and the estimated number of analyses. Fees are reviewed annually and adjusted as necessary, with guidance from the Science Advisory Committee. Please contact Director Dr. Zhao Lai ( for details.


Illumina NovaSeq6000 Standard workflow
(whole flow cell)
SP-100 (50PE# module, 650M - 800M CPF*) $3,100$3,300$3,500
SP-200 (100PE module)$4,200$4,400$4,600
SP-300 (150PE module) $4,400$4,600$4,800
SP-500 (250PE module) $5,800$6,000$6,200
S1-100 (50PE module, 1.3B -1.6B CPF) $5,500$5,800$6,000
S1-200 (100PE module) $6,500$6,800$7,100
S1-300 (150PE module) $7,200$7,600$8,000
S2-100 (50PE module, 3.3B - 4.1B CPF) $9,000$9,500$10,000
S2-200 (100PE module) $11,500$12,000$12,500
S2-300 (150PE module) $12,500 $13,000 $13,500
S4-35 (35SR module, New, 8B - 10B CPF) $12,900$13,400$13,900
S4-200 (100PE module) $15,800$16,300 $16,800
S4-300 (150PE module) $17,800$18,300$18,800

# PE: paired-end sequencing; SR: single read sequencing
*CPF: clusters passing filter. In the case of PE sequencing, they will be twice as much)

Illumina NovaSeq6000 Xp workflow
(separate lane: SP, S1, S2 with 2 lanes, S4 with 4 lanes)
SP-100 Xp (50PE module, 325M - 400M CPF*) $2,000$2,200$2,400
SP-200 Xp (100PE module) $2,400$2,600$2,800
SP-300 Xp (150PE module) $2,600$2,800$3,100
SP-500 Xp (250PE module) $3,400$3,700$4,000
S1-100 Xp (50PE module, 650M - 800M CPF) $3,000 $3,300$3,600
S1-200 Xp (100PE module) $3,700$4,000$4,300
S1-300 Xp (150PE module) $4,000$4,300$4,700
S2-100 Xp (50PE module, 1.65B - 2.1B CPF) $5,000$5,400$5,800
S2-200 Xp (100PE module) $5,900$6,300$6,700
S2-300 Xp (150PE module) $6,200 $6,600$7,000
S4-35 Xp (35SR module, 2B - 2.5B CPF) $3,700$4,000$4,400
S4-200 Xp (100PE module) $4,400$4,800$5,100
S4-300 Xp (150PE module) $5,000$5,400$5,900

Illumina NextSeq500 MCC UTHSA External
75SR (> 400M CPF) $1,900$2,000$2,100
75PE $3,400$3,500$3,600
150PE $5,200$5,300 $5,400
75PE (120-180M CPF) $1,450$1,500$1,600
150PE $2,300$2,400 $2,500

Illumina MiSeqMCCUTHSAExternal
MiSeq150 V3 (75PE, 15-25M CPF) $1,300$1,350 $1,450
MiSeq600 V3 (300PE)$1,900$1,950$2,100

Illumina Next-Generation Sequencing Library Preparation
(per sample)
DNA-Seq (with Nextera XT for small genomes < 5Mb)$80$90$100
DNA-Seq (for large genome)$100$120$140
Stranded mRNA-Seq (with PolyA selection) $120$140$160
Stranded Total RNA-Seq (with rRNA depletion)$140$160$180
Ultralow input mRNA-Seq (SMART-seq2) $120$140$160
ChIP-Seq (low input)$120$140$160
Small RNA-Seq$120$140$160
Whole Exome-Seq$200$240$260
16S rRNA-Seq Metagenomics per region (V1_V2 or V3_V4)$30$40$50

10X Genomics

10X Genomics 3'mRNA gene expression
and Library V3.1
MCC UTHSA External
1st sample $2,300$2,400 $2,500
Samples 2-8 (per sample) $1,900$2,000$2,100

10X Genomics 5' gene expression
(immune profiling)
MCC UTHSA External
1st sample $2,300 $2,400$2,500
Samples 2-8 (per sample) $1,900 $2,000$2,100
Add TCR or BCR amplification (per reaction) $230$240$250

10X Genomics Multiome with ATAC
and gene expression
MCC UTHSA External
1st sample $3,600 $3,700$3,800
Samples 2-8 (per sample) $3,400$3,500$3,600

Sample QA/QC Services MCCUTHSAExternal
DNA/NGS library QA/QC $6$7$8
RNA QA/QC $6$7$8

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Updated 5/16/22

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The Genome Sequencing Facility Provides genomic service of Illumina next-generation sequencing and single-cell analysis using 10X Genomics for researchers, both inside and outside of UT Health San Antonio, other academic institutions, and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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