Automated Labcyte Echo Acoustic Dispenser
Automated Labcyte Echo Acoustic Dispenser







  • Nanoliter-scale reagent dispenser
  • Tipless transfer, resulting in dramatic cost savings
  • Improved information about sample integrity and improved transfer quality through measurement of DMSO or aqueous buffer levels.
  • Elimination of RNAi or compound loss, cross-contamination, carryover or leachates through non-contact transfer.
  • Extend RNAi library life through miniaturization of assays.
  • Greatly simplified assay development and dilution processes through the flexibility to transfer any volume of liquid from any well to any other well.
  • Robotic integration with 80 microplate ambient storage units.
  • Robotic integration with Agilent PlateLoc heat sealer, Brooks x-Peel desealer and Agilent Barcode microplate labeler.

Vala Sciences IC200-KIC Automated High Content Imaging System.







  • 5.54Mp sCMOS camera (100fps, full-frame)
  • Plan APO 4X-60X objectives
  • Rapid autofocus (<200ms)on every field
  • Simple optical path
  • High-resolution positioning (<100nm)
  • Solid state light engine with 5 discrete bands
  • Filter set (DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy5)
  • Environmental control (temperature, CO2, N2)
  • Structured Illumination Microscopy module
  • Integrated with a PreciseFlex 400 sample handler and a Liconic STX44 incubator for live cell experiments.
  • Image analyses includes cell counting, live/dead assays, subcellular localization, signal transduction pathway analysis, cell cycle, cell morphological analyses, cell migration

BMG Labtech Pherastar FS multimode plate reader:


Tecan Freedom Evo Pipetting Station
Tecan Freedom Evo Pipetting Station







  • Compound plating and reagent dispensing.
  • Volumes ranging from 1.0 µl to 70 µl/well into multiple plates (96- and 384-well microplates
  • Contained within a NuAire HEPA filtered enclosure

Bulk dispensing and plate washing for biochemical and cell-based assays

BioTek EL406 dual bulk dispenser/microplate washer:

  • Low-volume dispensing and plate washing.
  • Especially designed for gentle washing of microplates containing living cells.
  • Integrated with a BioStack microplate stacker.

General Lab Facilities for assay preparation:

  • Cell culture incubators under normoxic and hypoxic conditions
  • Cell culture hoods
  • Microfuges and centrifuges
  • Liquid nitrogen cryopreservation
  • Refrigerators and freezers