Raushan Kurmasheva, PhD, Part of Dmitri Ivanov, PhD, CPRIT Grant Team “Identifying and Optimizing Small Molecules for Drug Development.

SOURCE: UT Health San Antonio Newsroom

“The following are the additional researchers and their awards:

Dmitri Ivanov, PhD, associate professor of biochemistry and structural biology, will receive an Individual Investigator Research Award for Cancer in Children and Adolescents in the amount of $1,198,659. The topic is “Enhancing Cytarabine Response Through SAMHD1 Inhibition.”

Dr. Ivanov’s team is interested in identifying and optimizing small molecules for drug development. In this project, the team will explore whether small-molecule inhibitors of SAMHD1, a protein involved in immune responses, can improve the clinical efficacy of cytarabine. Cytarabine is chemotherapy used with other drugs to treat acute myeloid leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and chronic myeloid leukemia. The team includes Raushan Kurmasheva, PhD, at the university’s Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute and Stanton McHardy, PhD, at The University of Texas at San Antonio.”

Raushan Kurmasheva, Ph. D.






Greehey CCRI Principal Investigator, Raushan Kurmasheva, PhD

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