Journal of Clinical & Translational Science: Examining access to care in clinical genomic research and medicine: Experiences from the CSER Consortium (Tomlinson)

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Amanda M. Gutierrez
Jill O. Robinson,
Simon M. Outram,
Hadley S. Smith,
Stephanie A. Kraft,
Katherine E. Donohue,
Barbara B. Biesecker,
Kyle B. Brothers,
Flavia Chen,
Benyam Hailu,
Lucia A. Hindorff,
Hannah Hoban,
Rebecca L. Hsu,
Sara J. Knight,
Barbara A. Koenig,
Katie L. Lewis,
Kristen Hassmiller Lich,
Julianne M. O’Daniel,
Sonia Okuyama,
Gail E. Tomlinson,
Margaret Waltz,
Benjamin S. Wilfond,
Sara L. Ackerman and
Mary A. Majumder


Ensuring equitable access to health care is a widely agreed-upon goal in medicine, yet access to care is a multidimensional concept that is difficult to measure. Although frameworks exist to evaluate access to care generally, the concept of “access to genomic medicine” is largely unexplored and a clear framework for studying and addressing major dimensions is lacking.

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Journal of Clinical & Translational Science
Article Categories: Research Paper