Angelina Vaseva, PhD Presented 2021 Voelcker Pilot Award (Houghton Lab)

Congratulations to Angelina Vaseva, PhD, research assistant professor at Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute and the Department of Molecular Medicine, on being presented a 2021 2021 Voelcker Pilot Award.

Dr. Vaseva’s project is “ Vertical Inhibition of the RAF-MEK-ERK Pathway in RAS-driven Rhabdomyosarcoma”.  Her studies are centered on the development of novel targeted therapeutic strategies for pediatric cancers driven by RAS oncogenic mutations. The funds provided by the Voelcker Foundation will be used to better understand the mode of action of vertical inhibition of the MAPK pathway in RAS-driven Rhabdomyosarcoma and identify biomarkers of response to this approach.

The goal is to facilitate the improved design of clinical trials. Toward these aims, Dr. Vaseva’s laboratory will employ a wide variety of in vitro and in vivo drug response assays, patient-derived xenograft models, and omics approaches.