Grants and Awards

Centromere Assembly

Department of Defense

Owens Foundation (2)

Katsumi Kitagawa: Honors and Awards

Yogesh Gupta: Honors and Awards

Alexander J.R. Bishop: Honors and Awards

Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment, Counseling and Screening of High-risk Individuals in Greater San Antonio and South Texas: Education and Implementation

Cancer Prevention Education In Cameron County ISD

RP140594: microRNAs: safe and effective therapeutic adjuvants for treating drug resistant breast cancers.

William and Ella Owens Foundation research grant: MicroRNA as novel therpeutic adjuvants to treat drug resistant breast cancers

Voelcker Foundation: Improving the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs for treating breast cancers

U54 CA113001-10: Role of RNA methylation in breast cancer growth and progression.

miRNA-adjuvants: Safe and effective therapeutic for treating drug resistant TNBCsy

Cancer Biology Training Grant

R01 GM113245-0: Graphic models for global RNA methylation

R03 HD078654-01 : Importance of Androgen regulated miRNAs in male fertility.

R01 CA179120-01A1 : MicroRNAs: Safe and effective therapeutic adjuvants for treating triple negative breast cancers.

Manjeet Rao: Honors and Awards

Cancer Research Training Program

Cancer Research Training Grant

Elucidating how chromosome 21 protects against neuroblastoma occurrence.

Hypoxis-derived treatment for advanced lung cancer

Identifying microRNA biomarkers by tissue of origin

Developing a simple, non-invasive fluorescence-based assay for early lung cancer detectionrapy

microRNA expression and dissemination in the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

UT Health San Antonio Cancer Genome Sequencing and Computation Core

Pan-Fungal Essential Gene Discovery for Antifungal Targeting

Cancer Therapy and Research Center/Cancer Center Admin

High Throughput DNA Sequencer: Illumina HiSeq 3000 Sequencer

Myron Ignatius: Honors and Awards

Young Investigator award

Understanding Functional Heterogeneity in Sarcomas

A role for Notch in self-renewal in Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma

PARP Inhibition: Elucidating Mechanisms of Resistance to Improve Therapy

Pediatric Preclinical Testing Consortium: Research Programs: Sarcoma and Renal Tumors

Texas Pediatric Patient Derived Xenograft Facility

Role of NRF2-ER and DNA damage stress response pathways in sensitivity of Ewing sarcoma cells to temozolomide and talazoparib.

Evaluation of Olaratumab (IMC-3G3) an Anti-PDGFR Antibody, with or without Concomitant Chemotherapy Against Pediatric Cancer Xenografts with High Level PDGFR Expression

Proposal to Evaluate INCB054329 (BET Inhibitor), INCB059872 (LSD1 Inhibitor) and INCB062079 (FGFR4 inhibitor) in Alveolar and Rhabdomyosarcoma Xenograft Models Harboring the t(2;13) Chromosomal Translocation Encoding Pax3-Foxo1.

International Genetics Federation Travel Grant

State Scientific Scholarship for Young Talented Scientists

INTAS Fellowship Grant for Young Scientists, Vienna, Austria

Functional Genomics and Computation Core

Determination of Morphology and Virulence in Candida albicans

Improving etoposide treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma

The Cancer Bioinformatics Initiative: A UTSA/UT Health San Antonio Partnership

Graphical models for characterizing global RNA methylation

Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science (IIMS): A Partnership to Improve Health

Cancer Therapy and Research Center/Cancer Center Admin

Ewing’s sarcoma, a homologous recombination defective disease

Improving etoposide treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma

Targeting RNA processing defects of Ewing sarcoma

Dr. Aune is the recipient of the Stephanie Edlund Distinguished Professor in Pediatric Cancer Research

Formation of a Neocentromere at a DSB Site Grant

Hyundai Hope Scholar Grant

St. Baldrick’s Foundation Scholar Grant

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