Grants and Awards

Katsumi Kitagawa, Pharm.D., PhD, Awarded $1.4M CPRIT Grant to Study “The Role of EWSR1-FLI1-CENP-A Signaling in Chemoresistance in Ewing Sarcoma”

Angelina Vaseva, PhD Awarded $800K Alex’s Lemonade Stand Grant to Study the “Development of New Approaches to Target MAP Kinase Pathway in RAS-driven Rhabdomyosarcoma.”

Drs. Tomlinson & Kurmasheva to Receive Hyundai Hope on Wheels Grant

Dr. Raushan Kurmasheva Received the CURE Childhood Cancer Award

Dr. Kurmasheva to be Awarded Helen Freeborn Kerr Charitable Foundation Grant

Yogesh Gupta PhD, to Receive UT Health SA “Rising Research Star” Award

NCI SBIR Innovative Concept Award to study novel molecules for the treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma (Kurmasheva)

Drs Houghton & Kurmasheva to Receive NCI Pediatric In Vivo Testing Program (PIVOT), U01 Renewal

Gupta to Receive 5-year $3.0 million R01 NIH/NIAID Grant

Angelina Vaseva, PhD Presented 2021 Voelcker Pilot Award (Houghton Lab)

Bishop to Receive 2021 Basser Center for BRCA External Grant

American Lung Association: “Identifying Exploitable Biomarkers of Lung Cancer Metastasis”

Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program: SARS-CoV-2 Viral RNAs as Unique Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets

“Stand Up to Cancer”: Alexander J.R. Bishop, DPhil, to Lead One of Three New Trans-Atlantic Research Teams to Study Hard-to-Treat Childhood Cancers

1T32 CA148724, NIH/NCI – Cancer Biology Training Grant

RP190346, CPRIT – Predicting Drug Response From Genomic Data Using Deep Learning Methods

P30 CA054174 – NIH/NCI – Cancer Center Support Grant

1R01CA179120-01A1, NIH/NCI – MicroRNAs: Safe and Effective Therapeutic Adjuvants for Treating Triple-Negative Breast Cancers.

R01CA239227-A1, NIH/NCI – FOXM1 inhibition: A novel therapeutic avenue for treating breast cancers.

RP200110, CPRIT – ALKBH5 as a Novel Promoter of Osteosarcoma Growth and Metastasis

NSF Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences: “Unraveling Extracellular microRNA Communication”

2019 San Antonio Area Foundation Award

2019 San Antonio Area Foundation Award

2019 High impact/High risk Award by the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)

Centromere Assembly

Department of Defense Lung Cancer Research Program: Identifying Biomarkers of Metastasis Through Biosynthetic Tagging

Greehey CCRI Faculty Awarded $1.2M CPRIT Grant to Support Osteosarcoma Research

2019 High impact/High risk Award by the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)

2019 The San Antonio Area Foundation Award

Katsumi Kitagawa: Honors and Awards

Yogesh Gupta: Honors and Award Archive

Manjeet Rao: Honors and Awards

CPRIT: The Cancer Research Training Program at the University of Texas Health San Antonio (UTHSA)

Owens Foundation: Hypoxis-Derived Treatment for Advanced Lung Cancer

Owens Foundation: Identifying MicroRNA Biomarkers by Tissue of Origin

UT Health San Antonio Cancer Genome Sequencing and Computation Core

Pan-Fungal Essential Gene Discovery for Antifungal Targeting

Cancer Therapy and Research Center/Cancer Center Admin

High Throughput DNA Sequencer: Illumina HiSeq 3000 Sequencer

Myron Ignatius: Honors and Awards

Young Investigator award

Understanding Functional Heterogeneity in Sarcomas

A role for Notch in self-renewal in Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma

PARP Inhibition: Elucidating Mechanisms of Resistance to Improve Therapy

Pediatric Preclinical Testing Consortium: Research Programs: Sarcoma and Renal Tumors

Texas Pediatric Patient Derived Xenograft Facility

Role of NRF2-ER and DNA damage stress response pathways in sensitivity of Ewing sarcoma cells to temozolomide and talazoparib.

Evaluation of Olaratumab (IMC-3G3) an Anti-PDGFR Antibody, with or without Concomitant Chemotherapy Against Pediatric Cancer Xenografts with High Level PDGFR Expression

Proposal to Evaluate INCB054329 (BET Inhibitor), INCB059872 (LSD1 Inhibitor) and INCB062079 (FGFR4 inhibitor) in Alveolar and Rhabdomyosarcoma Xenograft Models Harboring the t(2;13) Chromosomal Translocation Encoding Pax3-Foxo1.

International Genetics Federation Travel Grant

State Scientific Scholarship for Young Talented Scientists

INTAS Fellowship Grant for Young Scientists, Vienna, Austria

Functional Genomics and Computation Core

Determination of Morphology and Virulence in Candida albicans

Improving etoposide treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma

The Cancer Bioinformatics Initiative: A UTSA/UT Health San Antonio Partnership

Graphical models for characterizing global RNA methylation

Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science (IIMS): A Partnership to Improve Health

Cancer Therapy and Research Center/Cancer Center Admin

Ewing’s sarcoma, a homologous recombination defective disease

Improving etoposide treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma

Targeting RNA processing defects of Ewing sarcoma

Dr. Aune is the recipient of the Stephanie Edlund Distinguished Professor in Pediatric Cancer Research

2019 Young Investigator Award Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Foundation.

Formation of a Neocentromere at a DSB Site Grant

2019 PTEF Award, Office of Technology Commercialization, UTHSA

Hyundai Hope Scholar Grant

St. Baldrick’s Foundation Scholar Grant

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