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Journal of Clinical Medicine: Recent Developments in Nanomedicine for Pediatric Cancer (Kurmasheva)

April 30, 2021

by  Shicheng Yang 1, Mia Wallach 2 , Apurva Krishna 3, Raushan Kurmasheva 4,5,*,†  and Srinivas Sridhar 1,3,6,*,† Abstract Cancer is the second biggest cause of death in children in the US. With the development of chemotherapy, there has been a substan …

A review article by Raushan Kurmasheva (senior author) gives an overview on recent developments in nanomedicine for pediatric cancer

April 30, 2021

Recent Developments in Nanomedicine for Pediatric Cancer by Shicheng Yang 1, Mia Wallach 2OrcID, Apurva Krishna 3, Raushan Kurmasheva 4,5,*,†OrcID and Srinivas Sridhar 1,3,6,*,† Abstract Cancer is the second biggest cause of death in children in the US …

The Journal of Clinical Medicine Special Issue: The Current Treatment of Childhood Cancer”, for which Dr. Raushan Kurmasheva is Guest Editor

April 20, 2021

Special Issue Information Dear Colleagues, In the last four decades, the 5-year survival rate of children with cancer has increased from 58% to 83%, with the standard of care for these children relying on surgery, radiation therapy, and systemic therap …

EurekAlert: Researchers (Houghton & Kurmasheva part of team who) identify surface protein as a new osteosarcoma therapeutic target for antibody-drug conjugates

April 13, 2021

Novel approach paves the way for a vast expansion in the number of drugs targeting osteosarcoma Abstract #LB008 HOUSTON — A preclinical study led by researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center shows an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC …

APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED: Greehey CCRI Donald G McEwen, Memorial Summer 2021 Undergraduate Research Program

April 6, 2021

Applications are now being accepted for the Greehey CCRI Undergraduate Summer Internship Program.   The purpose of the Greehey CCRI Undergraduate Summer Internship Program is to allow talented undergraduate students interested in a career in academic r …

MDPI: Samson Ghilu, Raushan Kurmasheva, and Peter Houghton publish a perspective on developing new agents for treatment of childhood cancer, and its challenges and opportunities for preclinical testing

April 4, 2021

Abstract Developing new therapeutics for the treatment of childhood cancer has challenges not usually associated with adult malignancies. Firstly, childhood cancer is rare, with approximately 12,500 new diagnoses annually in the U.S. in children 18 yea …

Cancer Research: A Very Long-Acting PARP Inhibitor Suppresses Cancer Cell Growth in DNA Repair-Deficient Tumor Models (Houghton, Kurmasheva)

February 19, 2021

Shaun D. Fontaine, Gary W. Ashley, Peter J. Houghton, Raushan T. Kurmasheva, Morgan Diolaiti, Alan Ashworth, Cody J. Peer, Ryan Nguyen, William D. Figg Sr., Denis R. Beckford-Vera, and Daniel V. Santi Abstract PARP inhibitors are approved for the treat …

Clinical Cancer Research: The B7-H3-targeting antibody-drug conjugate m276-SL-PBD is potently effective against pediatric cancer preclinical solid tumor models

February 15, 2021

Nathan M. Kendsersky, Jarrett M Lindsay, Edward A. Kolb, Malcolm A. Smith, Beverly A. Teicher, Stephen Erickson, Eric J Earley, Yaël P. Mossé, Daniel Martinez, Jennifer Pogoriler, Kateryna Krytska, Khushbu Patel, David Groff, Matthew Tsang, Samson Ghil …

MedicalXpress – One Mouse at a Time: a New Approach to Testing Potential Drugs for Children’s Cancers (Houghton, Kurmasheva, PPTC)

October 22, 2020

by European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer A team of researchers in the US and Australia have developed a way of testing potential drugs for children’s cancers so as to take account of the wide genetic diversity of these diseases. In …

Raushan Kurmasheva, PhD, Part of Dmitri Ivanov, PhD, CPRIT Grant Team “Identifying and Optimizing Small Molecules for Drug Development.

September 8, 2020

SOURCE: UT Health San Antonio Newsroom “The following are the additional researchers and their awards: Dmitri Ivanov, PhD, associate professor of biochemistry and structural biology, will receive an Individual Investigator Research Award for Cancer in …

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