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SCITECH EUROPA: Preclinical Drug Development for Childhood Cancers

December 2, 2019

Cell Reports: Genomic Profiling of Childhood Tumor Patient-Derived Xenograft Models to Enable Rational Clinical Trial Design

November 5, 2019

Author links open overlay panelJo LynneRokita123  Komal S.Rathi23  Maria F.Cardenas4  Kristen A.Upton1  JoyJayaseelan4  Katherine L.Cross5  JacobPfeil6  Laura E.Egolf17  Gregory P.Way8  AlvinFarrel2  Nathan M.Kendsersky19  KhushbuPatel2  Krutika S.Gaon …

Review article “Challenges and Opportunities for Childhood Cancer Drug Development” co-authored by Drs Kurmasheva and Houghton

October 3, 2019

The review article “Challenges and Opportunities for Childhood Cancer Drug Development” co-authored by Raushan Kurmasheva, PhD and Peter Houghton, PhD has just been published.

Pharmacology Reviews: Challenges and Opportunities for Childhood Cancer Drug Development

October 1, 2019

Peter J Houghton 1, Raushan T Kurmasheva 2 Abstract Cancer in children is rare with approximately 15,700 new cases diagnosed in the United States annually. Through the use of multimodality therapy (surgery, radiation therapy, and aggressive chemotherap …

Raushan Kurmasheva, PhD to Receive Children’s Cancer Research Fund’s “Emerging Scientist Award.”

September 13, 2019

“Dr. Kurmasheva and her team have received the Emerging Scientist Award by CCRF to uncover the mechanism(s) of the interaction of the two major DNA repair pathways, and discover modulators of their interface with the goal of developing a novel therapy …

Innovation News Network: Innovative genomics and bioinformatics research at the Greehey Institute (Multiple Investigators)

June 18, 2019

The past decade has witnessed a revolution in cancer research, largely driven by advances in high-throughput sequencing, functional genomics, and computational technologies. The affordability and technological maturity of high-throughput data generatio …

Clinical Cancer Research: Broad Spectrum Activity of the Checkpoint Kinase 1 Inhibitor Prexasertib as a Single Agent or Chemopotentiator Across a Range of Preclinical Pediatric Tumor Models

April 25, 2019

Caitlin D Lowery 1, Michele Dowless 1, Matthew Renschler 1, Wayne Blosser 1, Alle B VanWye 1, Jennifer R Stephens 1, Philip W Iversen 1, Aimee Bence Lin 1, Richard P Beckmann 1, Kateryna Krytska 2, Kristina A Cole 2, John M Maris 2, Douglas S Hawkins 3 …

Pediatric Blood & Cancer: Preclinical activity of the antibody‐drug conjugate denintuzumab mafodotin (SGN‐CD19A) against pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia xenografts

April 23, 2019

Luke Jones, Hannah McCalmont, Kathryn Evans, Chelsea Mayoh, Raushan T. Kurmasheva, Catherine A. Billups, Peter J. Houghton, Malcolm A. Smith,  Richard B. Lock Abstract Background Denintuzumab mafodotin (SGN‐CD19A) is a CD19‐targeting antibody‐drug conj …

YouTube: Experimental Biology TV, WebsEdgeMedicine

April 4, 2019 “Cancers in children are rare, and the genetics and epigenetic causes are very different from those of adults. Consequently, the study of the etiology and potential therapies for these tumors requir …

Pediatric Blood & Cancer: Evaluation of patritumab with or without erlotinib in combination with standard cytotoxic agents against pediatric sarcoma xenograft models

October 28, 2017

Abhik Bandyopadhyay 1, Edward Favours 1, Doris A Phelps 1, Vanessa Del Pozo 1, Samson Ghilu 1, Dias Kurmashev 1, Joel Michalek 2, Aron Trevino 2, Denis Guttridge 3, Cheryl London 4, Kenji Hirotani 5, Ling Zhang 5, Raushan T Kurmasheva 1, Peter J Hought …