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JCI Insight: Synergism of FAK and tyrosine kinase inhibition in Ph+ B-ALL

April 17, 2016

Michelle L. Churchman,1 Kathryn Evans,2 Jennifer Richmond,2 Alissa Robbins,2 Luke Jones,2 Irina M. Shapiro,3 Jonathan A. Pachter,3 David T. Weaver,3 Peter J. Houghton,4 Malcolm A. Smith,5 Richard B. Lock,2 and Charles G. Mullighan1 Abstract BCR-ABL1+ B …

Genes & Cancer: FGF19 functions as autocrine growth factor for hepatoblastoma

April 6, 2016

David J. Elzi1, Meihua Song1, Barron Blackman1, Susan T. Weintraub2, Dolores López-Terrada5, Yidong Chen1,3, Gail E. Tomlinson1,4 and Yuzuru Shiio1,2 ABSTRACT Hepatoblastoma is the most common liver cancer in children, accounting for over 65% of all ch …

RNA Biology: High-throughput analyses of hnRNP H1 dissects its multi-functional aspect

April 2, 2016

Authors Philip J Uren, Emad Bahrami-Samani, Patricia Rosa de Araujo, Christine Vogel, Mei Qiao, Suzanne C Burns, Andrew D Smith, Luiz OF Penalva hnRNPs are polyvalent RNA binding proteins that have been implicated in a range of regulatory roles includi …

Journal of Community Support Oncology: Reaching high-risk underserved individuals for cancer genetic counseling by video-teleconferencing

April 1, 2016

Lindsey A Mette 1 2, Anna Maria Pulido Saldívar 2 3, Natalie E Poullard 1 2, Ivette C Torres 2 4, Sarah G Seth 1 2, Brad H Pollock 5 6, Gail E Tomlinson 7 2 6 Abstract Background: Breast and colorectal cancers are common cancers for which genetic risk …

Experimental Biology and Medicine: Original Research: A case-control genome-wide association study identifies genetic modifiers of fetal hemoglobin in sickle cell disease

March 27, 2016

Li Liu, Alexander Pertsemlidis, Liang-Hao Ding, Michael D Story, Martin H Steinberg, Paola Sebastiani, Carolyn Hoppe, Samir K Ballas, Betty S Pace Abstract Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of inherited blood disorders that have in common a mutation …

Pediatric Blood & Cancer: Initial Testing of NSC 750854, a Novel Purine Analog, Against Pediatric Tumor Models by the Pediatric Preclinical Testing Program

March 1, 2016

Richard Gorlick 1, E Anders Kolb 2, Stephen T Keir 3, John M Maris 4, Richard B Lock 5, Hernan Carol 5, C Patrick Reynolds 6, Min H Kang 6, Catherine A Billups 7, Jerry Collins 8, Dias Kurmashev 9, Raushan T Kurmasheva 9, Peter J Houghton 9, Malcolm A …

Scientific Report: Roles of Distal and Genic Methylation in the Development of Prostate Tumorigenesis Revealed by Genome-wide DNA Methylation Analysis

February 29, 2016

Yao Wang 1, Rohit Ramakant Jadhav 1, Joseph Liu 1, Desiree Wilson 2, Yidong Chen 3, Ian M Thompson 4 5, Dean A Troyer 6, Javier Hernandez 4, Huidong Shi 7, Robin J Leach 2 4 5, Tim H-M Huang 1 5, Victor X Jin 1 3 Abstract Aberrant DNA methylation at pr …

Pediatric Blood & Cancer: Pharmacodynamic and genomic markers associated with response to the XPO1/CRM1 inhibitor selinexor (KPT-330): A report from the pediatric preclinical testing program

February 1, 2016

Edward F Attiyeh, John M Maris 1, Richard Lock 2, C Patrick Reynolds 3, Min H Kang 3, Hernan Carol 2, Richard Gorlick 4, E Anders Kolb 5, Stephen T Keir 6, Jianrong Wu 7, Yosef Landesman 8, Sharon Shacham 8, Dmitry Lyalin 9, Raushan T Kurmasheva 9, Pet …

IEEE: Cancer Progression Prediction Using Gene Interaction Regularized Elastic Net.

December 23, 2015

Lin Zhang; Hui Liu; Yufei Huang; Xuesong Wang; Yidong Chen; Jia Meng Abstract: Different types of genomic aberration may simultaneously contribute to tumorigenesis. To obtain a more accurate prognostic assessment to guide therapeutic regimen choice for …

Cure Today: The Circle of Life: Saving Fertility After Cancer

December 21, 2015

Cancer survivors have more options to save their fertility.  

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